The World Around Us

All generations must learn about the world around us for the future of our planet.

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When we look at the world around us what do we want to see? Do we want to see the beautiful plant earth, the green trees, deep blue oceans or do we want to see pollution? Should we be educating the next generation with sustainable living to protect the earth from man made climate change. 

Future generations can ensure that this earth continues to thrive and stand proudly in this unique solar system.

Planet Earth – Discover Unlimited Beauty


We will educate the next generation through books and videos as well as our latest blogs and newsletters. Be ready to be inspired by planet Earth.

The Next Generation look up to the people around them. From how to behave, speak, handle themselves on a day to day basis. Every human would like to leave a legacy that they are proud of. How about teaching the importance of The World Around Us so that many generations get to enjoy the planet? The legacy would then survive many generations. We want to leave our loved ones and their children’s children with the security that they will be safe on Planet Earth. .

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Appreciating planet Earth.

A Look Inside the world

Concentrate on the little things.

Humanity has many issues we are facing on a daily basis which deserve their own discussions, but climate change we have scientific facts that it is in our hands and is happening around us. We can make conscious choices daily to help prevent the rising temperatures and every household can follow steps to do this. Use this site to help with the knowhow and discussion. Learn about the world around us and make a difference to the next generation so that they are brought up to do the same. Let’s create a winning formula and give our beautiful planet the chance it has given us.

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This blog is for all adults who know and do not know anything about Sustainability. Learn through the tutorials and videos released. Join the conversation on the biggest issue this planet is facing and most importantly make a difference. 

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